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Living areas, common areas and bedrooms:
Cobwebs removed
Overhead ceiling fan and light fixtures dusted
Lampshades dusted
Picture frames dusted
Art work dusted (top & bottom frame)
Window sills and ledges dusted
TV screen cleaned
Computers cleaned
Décor dusted
Furniture dusted
Blinds dusted
Bed linens changed upon request
Vacuum carpet areas
Hardwood/ceramic or vinyl floor swept & mopped
Glass doors cleaned (maximum two)
Baseboards dusted
Trash emptied & plastic liners replaced

Cobwebs removed
Kitchen décor dusted Cabinets cleaned and sanitized
Furniture cleaned and sanitized
Outside of appliances cleaned and sanitized
Interior of microwave cleaned and sanitized
Countertops cleaned and sanitized
Sink cleaned and sanitized
Hardwood/ceramic or vinyl floor swept & mopped
Trash emptied & plastic liners replaced

Cobwebs removed
Ledges dusted
Vanity lights dusted
Vanity & sink cleaned & sanitized
Showers and tubs cleaned and sanitized
Mirrors & chrome fixtures cleaned & shined
Toilet cleaned & sanitized
Bathroom décor dusted
Floors swept & mopped
Empty trash & replacing plastic bags